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The Most Advanced LFP+
Battery Technology Is Here

We Develop Safe, High-Energy Density A-LFP+ and A-LNFP Technologies for Automotive OEMs, Battery Manufacturers, and Grid Storage Providers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to accelerate the industry's ability to innovate faster and produce safe, high performance batteries.

Game-Changing  Battery Technology

We provide Battery Cell Manufacturers with Safe, High-Energy Density Chemistries, Materials, and Cell Format Designs.

Designed for rapid Scale-Up using Industry-Standard Equipment, we specialize in Licensing our Technologies as Transferrable Solutions, empowering our Licensed Customers to produce Cutting-Edge Batteries Faster.

A-LFP+ Attributes.png
Advanced LFP+

ACE has developed a High-Performance Advanced LFP+ (lithium iron phosphate) Battery Chemistry delivering:

30% Higher Energy Density

Safe Battery Technology

ACE Energy Density Chart 9.6.png

Special Offer

Discover the latest advancements in cell engineering at Advanced Cell Engineering. Join us at The Battery Show Stow and learn about our cutting-edge technologies. Visit our booth to explore our innovative products and solutions. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with our team and schedule a meeting to discuss your specific needs. Click the link below to find out more!

Latest News
ACE Ships 400 Wh/L Sample Cells For Testing

August 2, 2023

ACE announces the shipment of 400 Wh/L 

Advanced LFP+ Sample Pouch Battery Cells for testing.

Pic-14 (2) Large.jpeg
ACE Unveils New, State-of-the-Art Battery R&D Laboratory

July 11, 2023

This facility will serve as a hub for developing ACE’s proprietary Advanced LFP+ and LNFP (in development) chemistries, materials, and cell designs.

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