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Highest Energy Density A-LFP Technology

Available for Cell Production Today

Advanced Cell Engineering (ACE) is the leading developer of Safe, Highest Energy Density Advanced LFP (A-LFP) Battery Chemistries, Materials, and Cell Format Designs.

A-LFP Chemistry

30% Higher Energy Density, Safe Battery Chemistry

The highest Energy Density A-LFP battery cell chemistry designed for rapid implementation on existing production lines using industry-standard cell manufacturing equipment.

A-LFP Chemistry is available for Technology Licensing and implementation on existing production lines.

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Learn More about A-LFP Chemistry:

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Highly efficient cell designs unlock the full potential of A-LFP chemistry, achieving up to 65% more Energy Density than conventional LFP.

Highly Efficient
Cell Format Designs
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Strength & Safety

Custom prismatic cell-to-pack designs to improve the strength and safety of electric vehicle chassis.

Learn More about ACE Cell Format Designs:

Re-Engineering Every Element Within the Battery Cell

Our approach to creating higher energy density, scaleable battery solutions focuses on meticulously evaluating every single element within the battery cell. Our unique development process significantly reduces operational risks associated with scaling groundbreaking technology advancements from laboratory to mass production.

A-LFP Products & Technology Licensing
The Value of Licensing Innovative Battery Technologies

ACE Brochure:

A-LFP Products & Battery

Technology Licensing

View or download a comprehensive overview of ACE, our high Energy Density battery technology products, and the value of licensing A-LFP Chemistry.

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Latest News
ACE Ships 400 Wh/L Sample Cells For Testing

August 2, 2023

ACE announces the shipment of 400 Wh/L energy density A-LFP sample pouch battery cells to prospective partners for testing and evaluation.

ACE Unveils New Battery R&D Laboratory

July 11, 2023

This facility will serve as a hub for developing ACE's proprietary

A-LFP+ and A-LNFP cell chemistries, material technologies, and large prismatic cell format designs.

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