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Our Mission



Technological Expertise

Our team has the technological know-how and experience to develop the solutions that are needed to help the automotive industry meet their ambitious electrification goals. ACE’s patent-pending LFP chemistry offers meaningful advantages in energy density versus today’s LFP cells without sacrificing safety. Our technological advantages will help drive adoption of EVs by providing drivers with peace of mind and more travel flexibility than ever before.

Dedication to Recycling

We design our battery cells to be 100% recyclable to reduce environmental waste and enable recovery of the highly valuable raw materials when the batteries reach the end of their useful lives.

Technology Transfer

ACE chemistries are format agnostic and can be produced on standard manufacturing equipment with readily available materials, which means our customers’ existing factories can quickly be converted to produce Advanced LFP and future ACE innovations.

With a licensing agreement in place, ACE provides a complete turn-key technology transfer program that is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer. We begin by assessing our customer’s entire operation including production facilities, manufacturing equipment, operating processes, workforce, and skillsets. We use this information to create a complete and tailored action plan for quickly and efficiently converting to ACE chemistry.

Additionally, we provide training for all production staff and ensure each manufacturing line goes into operation quickly and runs smoothly. Leveraging our cell manufacturing expertise in many ways is just as important as the chemistry itself.

At ACE, we are on a mission to support the electric vehicle revolution by developing and licensing superior battery technologies that meet the performance, reliability, and safety requirements of automotive OEMs. Advanced Cell Engineering (ACE) was founded to develop, market and license technology for safe, high energy density lithium-ion battery cells.

ACE Advantages


ACE's leadership team has many decades of experience and is uniquely qualified to develop and market advanced battery chemistries and technologies, and to transfer our technologies to our licensees.

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John Kaufman

Founder, Chairman, CEO 

Tom Madden_edited_edited.jpg

Thomas Madden

Chief Technology Officer

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Douglas Sages

Chief Financial Officer

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Masayuki Yasuda.jpg

Tim Poor


Lois Fraser

VP, Marketing, Brand


Masayuki Yasuda

Customer Implementation Advisor



Stuart, FL

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