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Leading Developer A-LFP Battery Technology

Focused on the discovery and development of safe, high energy density A-LFP battery technology solutions.

Our Mission
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Our Mission

As the world shifts to an electric future, global Automotive OEMs are realizing the importance of producing the highest-performance LFP (Lithium iron phosphate, LiFeP04 battery cells in-house.

Our mission is to accelerate the Automotive Industry's ability to innovate faster and produce Safe, High Energy Density LFP Battery Cells.

Technology Innovation

ACE is an LFP innovation company with expertise in the development, implementation, and mass production of High Energy Density A-LFP battery cells. Our A-LFP and A-LNFP cell chemistry, material technology, and cell format designs that are superior to LFP cell technology on the market.

Licensing Model

Our collaborative licensing model allows us to work with global companies in the Automotive, Manufacturing, Grid Storage industries. Through a deep technology transfer process, our licensed customers implement ACE A-LFP battery technology within their new or existing production lines, using standard equipment.

Customer Value

A-LFP Products & Technology Licensing
The Value of Licensing Innovative Battery Technologies

ACE Brochure:

A-LFP Products & Battery

Technology Licensing

View or download a comprehensive overview of ACE, our high Energy Density battery technology products, and the value of licensing A-LFP Chemistry.

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Our History
More Than Two Decades of Success

Leadership Team
Battery Technology Experts

Leadersip Team

ACE's leadership team has many decades of experience and is uniquely qualified to develop and market advanced battery chemistries and technologies, and to transfer our technologies to our licensees.

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John Kaufman

Founder, Chairman, CEO 

Douglas Sages.jpg

Douglas Sages

Chief Financial Officer

Masayuki Yasuda.jpg

Masayuki Yasuda

Director of Customer Implementation

John Nettuno Website Headshot_edited_edited.png

John Nettuno, P.E 

Director of Partnerships, 

Customer Success

Ayyakkannu Manivannan

Lead Research Scientist

Our History

ACE is the culmination of over two decades of electrochemistry research and LFP cell development and high-volume manufacturing at companies founded by John Kaufman.

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2634 SE Market Pl.

Stuart, FL, 34997


ACE Team
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