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ACE Announces The Commercial Launch of Innovative 
LFP SiOx (Silicon Oxide Anode) Battery Chemistry

STUART, FL, May 22, 2024 -- Advanced Cell Engineering (ACE), announces the commercial launch of its innovative LFP SiOx Battery Chemistry featuring a Silicon Oxide Anode blended with graphite and an enhanced electrolyte. This innovation further improves the Long Cycle Life and High Energy Density of the company’s A-LFP Battery Chemistry.

ACE will ship LFP SiOx sample battery cells to 15+ potential Commercial and U.S. Military Customers for evaluation in Q2 and Q3 of 2024. With these cells, Customers can test LFP SiOx performance against ACE's specifications and their requirements at their facilities.

ACE manufactures various-sized pouch cells (2.5Ah - 20Ah) at its Pilot Production Facility in Stuart, FL. ACE currently manufactures 5Ah pouch cells and plans to manufacture 10Ah pouch cells shortly.

About Advanced Cell Engineering: 
Advanced Cell Engineering (ACE) is an Advanced Battery and Energy Storage Product Development Company.


Contact ACE:

(772) 382-9019

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