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Fully Developed, Available for License
Innovative LFP Cell

High Energy Density, Safe LFP

A-LFP+ delivers what others claim to achieve but can not deliver: safe, high energy density lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cell technology that is cell format-agnostic and compatible with today's standard production equipment.


A-LFP+ does not require nickel (Ni) or cobalt (Co) which improves the safety profile by significantly reducing the risk of battery fires.

A-LFP Chemistry  400 Wh/L

Available Today

Chemistry Attributes

Customer Benefits

High Energy Density

400 Wh/L (+30%)

30% More Driving Range

Long Cycle Life

3,000+ Cycles

Battery Outlasts EV

Improved Safety

Reduces Risk of EV Fires

Thermally Stable

Cost Effective

Lower Production Costs

Affordable Electric Vehicles

Customized Cells

Meets Any Requirement

Format Agnostic

Standard Equipment

Existing Production Lines

Production-Ready Today

Why Energy Density Matters

High energy density LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery cells matter because they enable longer-lasting and more powerful electronic devices and electric vehicles. These batteries are a game-changer for everyday life, as they provide extended usage on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent recharging and promoting sustainability.

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Cell Format Agnostic

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To meet our customer's requirements, A-LFP chemistry can be produced in any cell format using standard manufacturing equipment. Through our Technology Transfer process, ACE implements A-LFP within existing cell production facilities.

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Currently Under Development 
Innovative LFP Cell Chemistries

High Energy + Power Density, Safe LFP

A-LNFP is a high-power chemistry that offers high energy density, high power, and high cycle life for electric vehicles, trucks, trains, and industrial storage applications.


A-LNFP is a nickel-based (Ni) chemistry that does not use cobalt (Co) or manganese (Mn), preventing manganese dissolution which allows the battery to last 2,000 cycles. A-LNFP offers a base voltage of 4V.

A-LNFP Chemistry  500 Wh/L

Currently Under Development

ACE Chemistry Innovation Roadmap

ACE’s strength is in developing LFP battery chemistries and cell formats that offer superior performance, reliability and safety. We have developed an Innovation Roadmap that outlines our plans for introducing technological innovations to the market in both the short and medium term.

Technology Roadmap 10.27.2023.png
Battery Chemistry
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