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LFP Improvements

Highest Energy Density A-LFP Technology
License Available Today

Holistic A-LFP Improvements

Our approach to creating significant improvements to the performance of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries focuses on meticulously optimizing each material and component within the cell.

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Unlock the Full Potential of A-LFP Chemistry

ACE is an industry-leading A-LFP technology innovation company. We focus on creating scalable solutions that unlock the full potential of lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells.

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Designed for Implementation
On Standard Equipment

A-LFP chemistry is designed for implementation within our licensed customer's existing cell manufacturing facilities, using readily available materials and standard production equipment.

Re-Engineered Chemistry & Cell Design

A holistic approach to creating significant A-LFP improvements

Tecnolog Roadmap

ACE Product Development Roadmap

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ACE Battery Innovation Center
A Hub for Groundbreaking LFP Research & Development

Outfitted with the latest equipment and staffed by a team of expert scientists and chemists, our facility is a hub for groundbreaking research, experimentation, and the development of ACE’s proprietary A-LFP chemistries, materials, and cell format designs.

A-LFP Battery-Powered Applications


Electric Vehicles


Grid Storage

A-LFP Products & Technology Licensing
The Value of Licensing Innovative Battery Technologies

ACE Brochure:

A-LFP Products & Battery

Technology Licensing

View or download a comprehensive overview of ACE, our high Energy Density battery technology products, and the value of licensing A-LFP Chemistry.

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