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Lithium-Ion Technology
Battery Innovations

ACE is an industry-leading technology company focused on the discovery and development of scaleable battery solutions that solve our licensed customer's most critical battery challenges.

ACE technology is designed for rapid implementation within our licensed customer's existing battery cell manufacturing facilities, using readily available materials and industry-standard equipment.

Production-Ready A-LFP+ and A-LNFP Battery Chemistries that Deliver Safe, High Energy Density Cells.

High Quality, Nano-Scale Anode and Cathode Powders and Enhanced Electrolyte Technology.

Innovative Cell Format Designs that Maximize the Performance and  of ACE Proprietary Battery Chemistries.

Technology Development
Battery Chemistries
Technology Roadmap 09.25.2023.png
Advanced LFP
Advanced LFP

ACE has developed a high-performance A-LFP (LiFePO4) Battery Chemistry delivering 30% Higher Energy Density compared to LFP on the market today.


A-LFP does not require nickel (Ni) or cobalt (Co) materials which increases the safety profile by significantly reducing the risk of battery fires.

Sample Cells Available for Testing

Advanced LFP Chemistry Sample Cells are available for performance testing, evaluation, and comparison against ACE Technology Specifications. 

Sample Cells:

Energy Density
Advanced LFP+ vs. Standard LFP
ACE Energy Density Chart 9.6.png
Advanced LFP+
Performance Highlights
Advanced LFP Attributions.png
Advanced LNFP

A-LNFP is a high-power chemistry that offers high energy density, high power, and high cycle life for electric vehicles, trucks, trains, and industrial storage applications.


A-LNFP is a nickel-based (Ni) chemistry that does not use cobalt (Co) or manganese (Mn), preventing manganese dissolution which allows the battery to last 2,000 cycles. A-LNFP offers a base voltage of 4V.

Advanced LNFP Attributions.png
Advanced LNFP Attributions.png
Advanced LNFP Attributions.png
Sample Cells Available Q1 2024

A-LNFP is currently under development and will be available Q1 2024. To request more information about LNFP and request samples for evaluation, please contact The ACE Partnerships Team. 

Sample Cells:

Powders & Enhancers
Anode & Cathode Powders

ACE has developed improved nano-scale Advanced LFP+ & LNFP (under development) powders.

Electrolyte Enhancer

ACE has developed electrolyte additives and enhancers that boost cell energy density.

Cell Format Designs
Pouch, Cylindrical & Prismatic

ACE Designs Custom Cell Formats that improve efficiencies within the Battery Cell and Maximize the Superior Performance of ACE's Proprietary Battery Chemistries.

Cell No Background.png

ACE Cell Designs Lower Cell-to-Pack Costs and Improve Cell Performance.

Cell To Pack Transparent Background.png
Electric Vehicles
Grid Storage
Battery Chemistry
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