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Production-Ready A-LFP Chemistry
License Available Today


LFP SiOx Chemistry

Improved Energy Density and Cycle Life

LFP SiOx Chemistry features a Silicon Oxide Anode blended with graphite and an enhanced electrolyte. This innovation further improves the Long Cycle Life and High Energy Density of the company’s A-LFP Battery Chemistry.

LFP SiOx sample battery cells will be available to Commercial and Military customers for evaluation in Q3 of 2024.

Battery Chemistry


A-LFP Chemistry

30% Higher Energy Density, Safe A-LFP Chemistry

A-LFP delivers what others claim to achieve but can not deliver: safe, high energy density lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cell technology that is cell format-agnostic and compatible with today's standard production equipment.


A-LFP does not require nickel (Ni) or cobalt (Co) which significantly reduces production material costs and greatly improves safety by reducing the risk of battery fires.


Chemistry Attributes

Customer Benefits


High Energy Density

400 Wh/L  (+30%)

30% More Driving Range

Long Cycle Life

4,000+ Cycles

Longer Lasting Battery

Improved Safety

Enhanced Thermal Stability

Reduces Risk of EV Fires

Cost Effective

Lower Production Costs

More Affordable EVs

Format Agnostic

Custom Cell Specifications

Meets Any Requirement

Standard Equipment

Existing Production Lines

Production-Ready Today

30% Higher Energy Density

 A-LFP chemistry achieves 400 Wh/L (30% improvement) when produced using industry-standard cell formats. 


ACE increases A-LFP chemistry energy density even further when produced using ACE's proprietary large prismatic cell format designs.

ACE Energy Density Chart.png


A-LNFP Chemistry

High Energy & Power Density, Safe Chemistry

A-LNFP is a high-power chemistry that offers high energy density, high power, and high cycle life for electric vehicles, trucks, trains, and industrial storage applications.

A-LNFP is a nickel-based (Ni) chemistry that does not use cobalt (Co) or manganese (Mn), preventing manganese dissolution which allows the battery to last 3,000 cycles. A-LNFP offers a base voltage of 4V.

Cell Formats

Efficient Cell Format Designs
License Available Today


Cell Format Designs

Highly Efficient Cell Designs Maximize A-LFP Energy Density

ACE Large Prismatic Cells maximize the performance of A-LFP Chemistry, offering significant improvements to the battery cell's energy density and safety profile. Designed to specific customer requirements to achieve cell-to-pack EV integration, adding strength and safety to the electric vehicle chassis.

3 Cells Products Page Image Whitew Background.png

Cell Format

Increased EV Driving Range

Energy Density

2.5 Ah Pouch Cell

400 Wh/L

Car Icon Blue.png

+ 30%

320 mm Prismatic Cell

480 Wh/L

+ 56%

Car Icon Blue.png

500 mm Prismatic Cell

490 Wh/L

+ 59%

Car Icon Blue.png

1000 mm Prismatic Cell

500 Wh/L

+ 63%

Car Icon Blue.png
High Quality Cell Image.jpg

Cell-to-Pack Electric Vehicle Integration Design improves the Strength and Stability of the vehicle chassis. 

High Performance Battery Materials
License Available Today

Battery Materials


Electrolyte Technology

Enhanced Ion Flow

ACE Custom Electrolyte Formula & Enhanced Electrolyte Additives create safe, high-voltage properties that boost the conductivity of the battery.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 5.28_edited.jpg


Anode & Cathode Powder

High Capacity, Nanoscale Materials

ACE develops low-cost, high-performance LFP (LiFePO4) Powders and Additive Technologies that significantly increase the energy density and overall performance of LFP battery cells.

Nano Powder Sample_edited.jpg
Customer Value
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