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Lithium-Ion Technology
Technology Development
Development Expertise

Our Electrochemists, Engineers, & Manufacturing Experts have an extensive foundation of experience discovering battery innovations and creating the most advanced technologies that are de-risked, scale-up ready, and can be quickly implemented within existing battery production facilities

Evolutionary Innovation

Our unique approach to developing innovative battery solutions focuses on holistic, evolutionary refinements to every element within the cell. Enhancing each component within the battery enables us to deliver disruptive innovations

rather than incremental improvements.

Battery Chemistry
Safe, High Energy Density
Battery Chemistry
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Advanced LFP

ACE has engineered a new LFP (lithium iorn phosphate) battery chemistry that will not catch on fire and  produces 30% greater energy density compared to today’s LFP.

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Cell Design
Cell Design
Large Prismatic Cell

Custom large prismatic cell formats designed to improve efficiencies and maximize the performance of ACE's proprietary Safe, High Energy Density battery chemistries.

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Improves Performance

Increases the Energy Density

of ACE's Battery Chemistries.

Lowers Cost

Lower cost by simplifying integration within the chassis of the vehicle.

Battery Powered
Electric Vehicles
Grid Storage
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